Starting as of December 2015, we now have DynaTint products available strictly to professional OEM coaters for flow coating and curtain coating, as well as spin coating applications. Our coating formulations are solvent based in toluene or xylenes. (Other solvent bases are also available upon custom formulation request). The coating's solids are polymer based using a proprietary blend of the appropriate matrices and flow materials.

Two coatings are now announced: One is our "high-performance" coating with reasonable life span and amazing transitioning kinetics. Ideal for motorcycle/football helmet shields and ski goggles, or for motorcycle windshields. The second is our "long-life" coating with good dynamics and superior life expectancy in severe UV applications. Ideal for protective eye ware and sunglasses This coating is also used as a protective hard coat over our high-performance coat and also as a coating to increase the life expectancy of our high performance coating (together used as our proprietary DynaTint professional coating system).

These superior, extended-life coatings are also appropriate for use as photochromic printing inks when thinned with the applicable optical-grade solvent.

Requests should be addressed in writing to Minimum of 1,000 grams availability (1/2 gallon container). Smaller quantities are not available due to our mixing machinery requirements. 2,500 gram sizes (1 gallon container) are also available.


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The DynaVizor® windshield sun visor. Totally clear at night yet variably darker according to daylight sun intensity. Works FAST in sunlight exposure and mounts inside of a vehicle directly affixed to the windshield's interior surface. Hardly noticeable at night.

Available here soon and at many "As-Seen-On-TV" and major online retailers.

Comes in a single package of two DynaVizors®. One each for both the driver and passenger. Simple, faultless "peel & stick" installation. Can be easily removed and re-positioned, even on another vehicle. Mounts in the legal upper 5" area of any windshield: to the left and right of your rear-view mirror for perfect,  unobstructed line-of-view, shielded tint vision. Measures 5" x 23" each with elegantly rounded corners.

Neutral grey color in sunlight, clear and colorless at night. No cutting or trimming necessary.

Only ​$19.95 for a pack of two DynaVizors® + shipping.

Click HERE to pre-order on December 1, 2017.