Coming soon, the DynaVisor™  (now also known as DynaVizor® as of June 29, 2016)

automotive windshield photochromic window visor for the upper 5" of auto windshields (to the AS-1 line). Goes from totally clear to a very dark 16% VLT within seconds upon UV sunlight exposure.

Easily applied via static cling.


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Polymer Dye Stabilization

Currently in QUV testing for the long-life stabilization of common Red dyes (Keyplast) such as those used in coloring automotive tail lights and outdoor signs, also paints and inks. Enhanced color chromaticity already noticed upon initial formulation. UPDATE: QUV Longevity extension success! 9/23/14

Window Tint Films

Currently in QUV and actual outdoor testing with major manufacturers of various photochromic products, including a leading manufacturer of industrial, residential and automotive window tint films.

extremely long-life photochromic dye formulation Products

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