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DynaTint® launched on Saturday, July 14, 2012 between a renowned UV-specialist chemist and a well-published, new product engineer and developer Donald J. Ladanyi, B.S.E., J.D. The purpose of their venture is to conduct advanced R&D in the formulation and application of previously unattainable, greatly-extended service life of photodynamic dye materials, such as used in photochromic window tint films and other such products.

We are hereby claiming the name DynaChrome™  as an automotive industry trademark for our revolutionary DynaTint® product names. Also, the trade names ThermaChrome, ThermaSafe, ThermRchrome™, ThermRshield™, and StarDust Ultra™ are being claimed as trade names forDynaTint® home, building, marine, automotive and aerospace applications.

Ongoing testing has revealed that DynaTint® photochromic window tint films are stable for use in the long-life, industry standards of commercial window tint film applications as well as other photochromic uses such as memory storage, medical targeting, sunglasses and soda bottles.

Unlike unsubstantiated claims flourishing on the internet, DynaTint Corporation, LLC is the only company in the world to produce photochromic products that remain viably stable for incredibly superior lengths of time, far exceeding the usual 12-24 month normally intrinsic service lives of photochromic dyes. To that end, we have succeeded in developing photochromic dye formulation products that remain photodynamically stable (QUV tested) for over thirty-five years and counting. NOTICE:  US  patents pending.

A limited, pilot production run of DynaTint® photochromic window tint film is planned for the late summer of 2013 featuring two color runs: "Granite" grey and "Aqua Green."  (Completed successfully in December 2013).

We are currently in testing with major window tint/product manufacturers and expect to announce shortly where actual DynaTint® brand, photochromic window tint films and other related products can be purchased and/or installed in your world-wide geographical area. Please refer to our "Strategic Alliances" heading updates on our "NEWS" page button above for future upcoming details.

NOTICE: We do not sell any of our OEM liquid formulation products directly to consumers!  However, we do sell our DynaVizor®

"peel & stick" windshield anti-glare visors directly to consumers. Please see our PRODUCTS page.  

CONTACT: After Jan.1, 2015 we are moving to larger facilities at:

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Additional information about DynaTint® enhanced photochromic dye specifications and availability can be obtained from Keystone Aniline Corporation, the US distributor for Vivimed's Reversacolphotochromic dyes: (http://www.vivimedlabs.com):

Doug Koerner

Keystone Aniline Corporation


Customer Service - 800-522-4393


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